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Hi, everyone.

As I think I told you all, I've been immersed in Princess Tutu for the last month with Mark Watches, so now I both miss Fakir and am in love with Season 2 again. I've also been watching the lovely work of Autor ([personal profile] herr_bookman) and Lohengrin/the Knight ([personal profile] knightoftheswan).

I spoke to Autor's player, who has followed what Duck, Fakir, Rue and Uzura did at Milliways, and who has done everything she can to make her play compatible with the rest of the Princess Tutu group. Thus, her Autor, like the rest of our characters (except Lohengrin, who is obviously from a different point in time) is currently at the break between seasons/first few minutes of episode 14.

I'm promising myself that I get to play Fakir as soon as I catch up on grading, i.e. if I can finish the current stack of papers before the next stack comes in. I move that when I do, we move onward in canon. Does that make sense?

I don't think we should play through canon scenes in groups unless we're actively changing them, this time. I for one don't have time for that! Individual OOMs from individual characters' perspectives are great, but if the scenes are the same, I vote there's no need to play them together.

So now the question becomes, where in canon do I come in, and do you guys have any preferences? The second half of episode 14 goes straight in to episode 15. I'm thinking that, for Fakir, the point right after he leaves Mr. Cat's office in 15, when everyone thinks he pushed Mytho out the window, is an interesting spot...

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Corrections?
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