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Those who accept their fate find happiness; those who defy it, glory.


Fakir, the second-best danseur in the Kinkan Academy ballet school, is not as much of a jerk as he used to be. After barely escaping death in the Final Battle (for certain values of "final") between Princess Tutu and Princess Kraehe, he has figured out that he actually enjoys his life. Fakir has begun to reconcile with his adopted father. He is relieved to see that his roommate Mytho is doing well. He has (shh, don't tell) actually become friends with Duck. In fact, Fakir is happy.

Well, that won't last very long, will it?


A note on translation: Fakir's native language is German. However, his canon appears in Japanese and in English. The Milliways translation spell translates everything he says out of German. In some circumstances, especially involving proper names, Fakir's words may be translated either into Japanese or English, depending on the translation spell's mood.

Kinkan Academy = Gold Crown Academy
Kinkan Town = Gold Crown Town
Neko-sensei = Mr. Cat
Ahiru = Duck


When Fakir's narration switches to brown, that's the voice of the author, an academic who likes stories and tea and medieval literature, and who is fighting the good fight against Drosselmeyer. What? You mean the fourth wall is there for a reason? This is Princess Tutu. There is no fourth wall. There is no nineteenth story.


Fakir is a character from the anime series Princess Tutu, and is the property of the show's creators. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in several roleplaying games to be determined, including the upcoming Dreamwidth incarnation of [info]milliways_bar. No profit whatsoever is being made from this journal or from the games in which it participates. The player, [personal profile] rymenhild, may be reached at rymenhild at yahoo dot com.

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ballet, death, doom, fairy tales, glory, hating ravens, ink, lohengrin, maddening cliffhangers, metatext, mytho, not smiling ever, rebuilding puppets, richard wagner, secretly hugging ducks, stories, swords, the incomplete works of drosselmeyer, the prince and the raven
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